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Owned and operated by husband and wife team of Eyesight and Faye. Private home studio is located in Beijing.

We only use imported tattoo inks and machines to deliver you safe and quality work.

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Undoubtebly, what I’ll bring back to Italy after all these months in China are 5 tattoos. Pretty good for a newbie. A friend of mine recommend me Eyesight Tattoo and even if I never gotten tatooed before, everything was perfect and I am super satisfied. He is a really willing person, since the beginning he figured … More Silvia (Italy)

Silvia (Italy)

 A tattoo is a very personal thing, right?  Something that’s going to be a part of who you are – a skindeep badge we wear that lets the outside world into our inner world.  Choosing the right tattoo is important – choosing the right tattooer is even more important.  Being able to communicate your idea, your … More Matt (South Africa)

Matt (South Africa)

Great experience to get my tattoo with Eyesight. I absolutely adore my tattoo. I couldn’t recommend more this talented and kind tattoo artist. Plus he also really followed up many times on the healing progresses which was a big support. Thank you for everything!

Laetitia (France)

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