8 Reasons Tattooed People are Just Cooler

1. They’re not afraid to stand out.

They like to show their uniqueness. If they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t have gone through the time, pain, (and money) to get the ink in the first place.

Now this doesn’t only apply to extrovert, outgoing people. Many shy and more reserved personalities get tattoos every day. Just because someone is more introverted does not mean they don’t like standing out in a crowd, too.

2. They’re tough and can take the pain.

Have you ever been asked (about your tattoo), “Did that hurt?” While you try to control your eye roll impulse and the desire to scream in their face, “Of course they hurt!” When you see someone with a tattoo, especially if they have many, which happens often since getting tattoos is extremely addictive, you know they aren’t afraid of pain, or at least, not afraid enough to stop getting ink.

3. They believe in self-expression.

Tattoos are permanent art on skin, most of which have personal meanings to the wearer. They are expressing themselves in some way through their ink. They have an idea of who they are and what they want to present to the world, even if it means literally having it on their sleeve, or having a full or half or quarter sleeve tattoo! They are proud of their tattoos. This is part of the reason they are addictive. People evolve and change. Tastes can change, beliefs can change. For every milestone or strong conviction in life, there is a reason to get a tattoo.img_1894

4. They are usually less quick to judge people based on appearances.

They’ve probably been judged because of tattoos, so they know what it feels like. They won’t judge you based on a tattoo or body modification, or because you believe in self-expression. In their vocabulary, “weird” or “different” isn’t a dirty word. In fact, they see it as a positive characteristic!img_1895

5. Everyone has a story to tell, but theirs is on their skin.

It’s true, everyone has a story. Everyone has issues, struggles, and happy times in life. Tattoo enthusiasts just choose to wear it proudly on their skin!

6. They appreciate art, even if it’s only tattoo art.

The tattoo wearer may be an art buff, or even an artist, or might be completely unaware of the world of art. One thing they know for sure, they love tattoo art. And contrary to what anyone may think, tattoos are a TRUE artform. It is an art form on a living breathing canvas. What better medium for art can you even think of?img_1893

7. C’mon, they just LOOK cooler!

You know it’s true. And even people who say they don’t agree, also know it’s true.

8. They understand why YOU have tattoos.

No words needed. They understand your love of tattoos and you understand theirs. You both have the same addiction, and you love it!img_1896

One thought on “8 Reasons Tattooed People are Just Cooler

  1. For some of us is a passion, for others is a therapy, is freedom of expression, a life philosophy. Is another form of art to say what we cant explain with simple words. A tattoo might say a lot about someone, or might say absolutely nothing. It doesnt mean neither superiority or inferiority, much less it should influence how society sees us.


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