Contribution to Animals & Nature

The Earth is 4.54 billion years old. That’s a pretty huge number to wrap your head around. So, let’s make it a bit easier…let’s scale it down to 45 years.

Humans have been here for 4 HOURS.  

You’ve been here for about 4 seconds. 

The Industrial Revolution began…about a minute ago. 

In that short time, we have destroyed MORE THAN 50% of the world’s forests.  In 1 minute we have wiped out entire species. And there are many more on the brink of extinction in the next…oh…10 seconds.

If we don’t do something, NOW, the next hour we are facing looks very bleak.

Individually, each one of us can make a small difference.

Together, we can change the world.

Don’t wait for another second – by then it might be too late.  

SPREAD THE IDEA (it’s the least we can do) because small things that are done consistently create a significant impact.

Contribution to Animals and Nature

Scan the QR code (on the right) and add Eyesight to your contacts.

Every small donation counts towards the larger goal.  Make a positive impact on the world we live in – for this generation and all the generations that follow.

For more information on Lost Puppies, check out their website – or scan the QR code on the left to check out their Official Account.

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