Eyesight designed and gave me two beautiful tattoos, a Chinese dragon from the Forbidden City and a Canadian eagle. I love both of them. Artist did a great job, was very professional and has a very clean, hygienic studio. I will have more of Eyesight tattoos in the New Year.

John (Scotland)

I was at Eyesight studio a thousand of times and can say for sure that he’s a good artist. If you have any questions concerning tattoo he will always help you with the choice, with the sketch, with time arrangement and etc. totally recommend.

Julie (Russia)

Very clean place, which is for me the most important thing. Great environment, great music, and painless tattooing, which is also very important. The guy doesn’t talk to much, but listen very carefully. After all, great, great, great.

Alex (Serbia)

The best place for you to make a tattoo.

Sol (Cuba)

I am really pleased with the work done by Eyesight, I enjoyed the time he puts into the details in my tattoo, besides the good ambient at the place with music and good chat, everything is very clean and his art is unique with every client.

Jorge (Mexico)

I had such a great experience getting tattooed with Eyesight! The place was super tidy and comfy. Besides, he is an easy-going guy so you don’t actually notice how long the session lasts, and the best part of all is that I didn’t feel any pain at all! I will definitely get another tattoo with … More Iris (Mexico)

Iris (Mexico)

It was a great experience of getting tattoos in Eyesight studio. Perfect work, clean environment, friendly atmosphere. As a result,  awesome tattoos and lots of positive emotions. Thinking of getting a new tattoo in summer, and definitely know that will make it in Eyesight studio!

Kate & Alex (Ukraine)

My tattoo just healed up recently,  and it looks great! I’ve got no regrets about going to this studio. Everything was cool 

Jake (Ukraine)

I had a great experience with Eyesight tattoo, I was made to feel very welcome and at ease as it was my first tattoo. I think the service given before, during and after having the tattoo has been of an excellent quality as there is a personal touch and element to the care given. I … More Fallon (South Africa)

Fallon (South Africa)

Great experience! Everything was very clean and comfortable. I liked how he talked me through his process. I would definitely get a tattoo with him again!

Amber (USA)

Great experience to get my tattoo with Eyesight. I absolutely adore my tattoo. I couldn’t recommend more this talented and kind tattoo artist. Plus he also really followed up many times on the healing progresses which was a big support. Thank you for everything!

Laetitia (France)

 A tattoo is a very personal thing, right?  Something that’s going to be a part of who you are – a skindeep badge we wear that lets the outside world into our inner world.  Choosing the right tattoo is important – choosing the right tattooer is even more important.  Being able to communicate your idea, your … More Matt (South Africa)

Matt (South Africa)

Undoubtebly, what I’ll bring back to Italy after all these months in China are 5 tattoos. Pretty good for a newbie. A friend of mine recommend me Eyesight Tattoo and even if I never gotten tatooed before, everything was perfect and I am super satisfied. He is a really willing person, since the beginning he figured … More Silvia (Italy)

Silvia (Italy)

I’ve made my first tattoo at Eyesight Studio, and I’m so glad I made the right choice. Artist has made a great design for me according to my descriptions, so I received a better result than I even expected. Thank you very much, if I decide to make a new tattoo I would probably choose … More Andy (Ukraine)

Andy (Ukraine)

Thanks for the great job 👍it was my first tattoo in Beijing, just love it. Everything is sterile and clean 👨🏼‍⚕️, whole work is awesome 🤘will make more in the future ⚒.

Kate (Ukraine)

Eyesight really is truly amazing. My tattoo took 1 Year from conception to completion and he was very patient, professional, and an all round superstar throughout the entire process! The design was created by Eyesight and, although ended up being different than my original idea, he knew exactly what would best work. The design is … More Sara (UK)

Sara (UK)

This was my first experience getting a tattoo and it was definitely worth it. Cozy studio and understandable master made this absolutely perfect. Thanks to Eyesight studio for the great work!

Nick (Russia)